dior b23 sneaker product review

Dior B23 Sneaker Product Review

How Long Do They Last?

Mine are fine after wearing them a lot for 1+ year. Apart from a bit of color change in the fabric part they still look new.

The lows have better construction than the high-tops.

How Does The Dior B23 Fit?

The shoes fit true to size.

However, they are a bit tight. If you have wide feet get 1 size up.

The feel is very pleasant. The sole is made of thick rubber which provides much comfort and stability.

What To Wear With The Dior B23?

These shoes are pretty easy to style.

White shorts, black pants, and any color T works well.

The Downside?

Some might say these shoes are too expensive.

If that’s the case, go with something similar like Chuck Taylors.

The white sole on these also tends to yellow.

However, you can keep them fresh with regular cleaning.


Christian Dior B23 White (High Top)

Christian Dior B23 Black (High Top)

Christian Dior B23 Low (Black)

Christian Dior B23 Low (White/Black)

Christian Dior B23 Low (White)